... the oscillator ...



			- bliss mode: upfront random 1) melody change (most likely), 2) bass and melody change at same time, 3) just bass change (least likely)
			- bliss mode: try pentatonic and phrygian
			- bliss mode: modified diatonic mode. less likely change in bass notes. keep 1s change > probability favouring melody change > note from appropriate range > probability to change note else no action
			- timed pulse generator. slider for 0 (off), 60bpm, 120, 240, 480, 960. fixed hz.
			- add compressor to output
			- rand mode w/user inputs for rate of change, likelihood ratio of bass to treble change
			- responsive design	
			- pan 3L 3R
			- chaos mode for C minor - array of Cm frequencies + random osc + random time?
			- tunedown/up logic wrong way. should be iterate though oscillators > do maths * steps > then set freq once > move on to next osc
			- oscillator drift
			- try add and remove delay per osc instead of group
			- add rand controls for time of change
			- randomise interval changes locked to scale
			- delay > more delay > delay off
			- gliss prototype 1osc
			- add gliss to tuner
			- free row tuner
			- label toggle
			- try array of oscs and iterate through with id for simpler osc control
			- dynamic low pass filter
			X stereo toggle, panning across stereo field [-1, -0.6, -0.2, 0.2, 0.6, 1]
			X add octave step controls
			X manual hidden by default
			X credits and links
			X update tuneup and tunedown sliders with frequencies
			X allow panic in all states except first run
			X distortion toggle effect
			X night mode
			X start at 0.1 vol
			X start oscs in C
			X fixed low pass filter
			X panic button
			X chaos button to randomly change oscillator frequencies every 0.5 seconds and update sliders
			X row semitone tune
			X on off toggle state

Inspired by Magpie Pedals' Beehive (https://www.magpiepedals.com/shop/product/the-beehive) and built on top of Pizzicato.js (https://alemangui.github.io/pizzicato/), Oscarr the oscillator (OSCillating ARRay) is a drone instrument made of chewing gum, spaghetti code and outdated HTML tags. But it works. And it's fun. And I like to listen to it.

Play it. Have it play itself. Push buttons, move sliders, take the code from github, modify it however you like and make it your own.